Madam Muto
Vital statistics
Title Gourmet Fortune Teller, Illustrious Madam Muto
Gender Female
Race Triclops
Skills Fortune Telling
Abilities Future Taste
Full course None
Affiliations Gourmet Gospel (consulting member)
Status Alive, in the Gourmet World
Partner Unknown

The Illustrious Madam Muto is a world famous Gourmet Fortune teller in league with the fortune telling masters like Coco of the Four Heavenly Kings and the Sushi Artisan, Fortune Teller Monchy. Despite not being a rare member of her community, Madam Muto's name stands at the top of not only having her predictions being 100% accurate but also being able to see into someone or somethings past.

Muto's powers stem from hey mysterious third eye, as she is a member of the legendary Triclops clan, who were hunted into near extinction due to their valuable third eyes. With it, she can see the history of anything she comes to contact with, and occasionally receives flashes of random points in the future. It was Madam Muto who accurately predicted the disaster at the cooking festival and even the betrayal and rise of a mysterious new organization in NEO.

Though she maintains a strict neutrality in who she gives fortunes to, she occasionally helps the Gourmet Gospel in predicting how they might defeat Mahaclaro. She was once approached by Leabhar in attempts to force her to join, but he was resoundingly defeated and pushed back. Indicating that her mighty prophetic powers are not the full extent of her abilities.

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