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"How would you like me to scorch your flesh!"
—Lux, to Coco

Lux Aurelius
Image coming soon drawing in progress
Character Info
Gender Male
Race Human
Status Alive
Height 1m75
Weight 110kg
Affiliations Blue Rose Clan
Occupation Blue Rose Clan Admin / Gourmet Hunter
Partner(s) Neo Drake & Blake Raefen
Relatives None
Pets Chilli, a Vuljinn

Lux Aurelius, or Lucius as he was known before joing the Blue Rose Clan is a Gourmet Hunter and member of the Titan Three in the clan.

No much is known about his past but he seems to resent the IGO for some reason.

Lux is also one of the main antagonists during the Blue Rose fan made arc as well as the following Hell's Kitchen arc and Quest for KAOS arc.


Lux is a normal sized man, with Caucasian skin. He has strange hair coloring with shoulder length blonde and purple bangs falling over his face. He also has purple eyes and some facial markings (tattoos) on the right side of his face.

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