Vital statistics
Title Wild Deva, Ludovico
Gender Male
Race Human
Skills Kitty Knife
Abilities Proficient in Food Honor, and Wild Panther Cooking
Full course Unknown
Affiliations Sora no ō (Restaurant)
Status Alive, in the Gourmet World (Jagmarndee Jungle)
Partner Foxglove

Ludovico, also known as Wild Deva, Ludovico, is a savagely powerful Bishokuya and master of the feral cooking style, Wild Panther Coking. A master of land based beasts, Ludovico left the human world, with his his partner Foxglove, decades ago in search of more potent ingredients in the Gourmet World. He and his partner represent the duality of land and sky, and he is forbidden to enter Shalgri-La. So Foxglove is forced to make trips to the Jagmarndee Jungle if the two wish to meet.

He is currently in the service of the number 10 Gourmet World ruler, the Earth King Fisher King Titan. This creates another parallel with his partner as Foxglove serves the Sky Empress the infamous Shambala Bird.


Ludovico is a wild and feral looking man with distinct feline characteristics. Including long pointed ears, sharp black claws, jagged pointed teeth and a long slender tail. It is unknown how he achieved this wild transformation but he claims it has something to do wit the infamous Pantera, a mythical cat with the ability to strengthen humans who it deems worthy. Despite Ludovico's feline appearance, he is a tall, lean man with long wild blonde hair and sharp green eyes. He constantly wears a segmented body armor that complements his animal like anatomy. The armor helps stabilize his body and control his feral powers, though he has been shown without it.


Ludovico is known for his aggressive temperament, savage fighting style, and all around unpleasant attitude. Wild as a true panther, Ludovico is a well known savage who regularly attacks strangers and treats even familiar company with hostility. Whether this inherent aggressiveness is a trait of his animal nature or personal behavior is unknown. However, his savagery has served him will in the employment of the Fisher King Titan, who demands him to protect the jungle in which they both live. His beastly devotion to this duty is what earned him the name, Wild Deva.

He has only one friend, confident, partner, or person to be remotely close to, Foxglove. The two meet several years ago and in unknown circumstances, became partners. Ludovico is fiercely possessive of the Sky High chef and doesn't allow Foxglove to associate with others when they're together. Their forced separation is one of the main sources of anger for Ludovico, and in that rage, he attacked Foxglove and gave him a permanent scar, calming it as his mark, so others would know who the chef belongs to even at a distance. However, the exact nature of their relationship is unknown to most.