Vital statistics
Title Leabhar Cheanannais, Kells
Gender Male
Race Human
Skills Insular art
abilities Illumination
Full course None
Affiliations Gourmet Gospel
Status Alive, in the Gourmet World
Partner Columba

Leabhar Cheanannais, also more simply known as Kells, is the chief of security and defense of the Gourmet Gospel, the group formed by chef Fontinegra of Avila to combat the evils of Mahaclaro's group.

A dry man of dark humor, Kells is a military man who was formerly under the employ of IGO as their head defense Chef. His tactics and strategies earned him great infamy amongst rivals of IGO and even allowed the organization to expand into the Gourmet Wold under his direction. Unfortunately, Kells abilities were too great and he eventually began taking ruthless and vicious means to defeat his enemies. While his bloodthirsty tactics earned him his victories, but also the distrust of his superiors which eventually led to Ichiryuu firing him.

Eventually joining with Fontinegra out of boredom, Kells claims that Fontinegra presented him with a rare enemy that he can be as savage as he wished against. But in efforts to calm Kells savage mind and open him to kindness and mercy, Fontinegra partnered him with the scientist Columba, who's easy going nature plays surprising well with the normally hostile man.

Kells is also host to a strange and ancient ability known as Illumination and by extension the Insular Arts. The exact nature of this ability are unknown but he claims that thousands of years of history are at his disposal and warfare is a novelty before those who are illuminated.

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