Name Kurosenko
Kanji 黒閃光
Romanji Kurosenkō
Aliases Weapon Collector
Race Human
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Professional Status
Occupation Bounty Hunter
Partner None
Personal Status
Status Alive

Kurosenko, better known as the Weapon Collector, is a bounty hunter and the greatest enemy of Rozan, gaining interest on him because of his weapon. He generally hunts powerful owners of valorous weapons, that he keeps as a trophy. Although he doesn't is a Bishokuya, he started a Full Course Menu as a hobby, in his words. 


Kurosenko is a tall and slim man with a short black hair, he has purple eyes. He is commonly seen using black clothes, principally a black suit, black gloves, black boots and his scarf, with one or more of his swords attached to his belt.


He is a calm man, normally with a boring or somnolent expression, but at the same time, a joker. He is exatly the contrary when he is fighting serious. He has a strange passion by rare and valorous weapons, principally being swords and lances, and a passion for sake too.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Sword SkillsEdit

Kurosenko has mastery using a sword and when he fight he alternates between his ten swords.


Kurosenko is excellent using Routine, but is unknown how he learned how to use it.

Jyuu Seigi no KenEdit

The Ten Justice Lords (じゅう正義の), the name that Kurosenko gave to his better and favorite swords, he alternate between then.

Jinsoku-sei no OmoEdit

Jinsoku-sei no Omo (迅速性の主, The Swiftness Lord) is one of his most used swords, it's sharp blade and good curvature makes ideal to use Iai (Quick Draw), a swift sword draw technique.

Hogo no OmoEdit

Hogo no Omo (保護の主, The Protection Lord) is a "sword" used more for defense than to attack, it is a kitchen knife maded of a very resistant iron, it's small size makes ideal to defense.

Hakai no OmoEdit

Hakai no Omo (破壊主, The Destruction Lord) is a Zanbato (giant sword) like sword, it can cause much destruction if used by a strong person.

Renji no OmoEdit

Renji no Omo (レンジ主, The Range Lord) called also as Liquid Sword and Sword-whip, is a very long sword maded of a thin iron, making it possible to be handled. 

Full CourseEdit

He decided to make a Full Course Menu as a "hobby", in his words. He has a rule for every ingredient in it, just use ingredients with a capture level above 30. 

Course Ingredient Capture Level
Hors-D'oeuvre: Dark-Blue Tiger Poisonous Fang      45
Soup: Chi-ne Soup     42
Fish Dish: Undecided
Meat Dish: Undecided
Main: Undecided
Salad: Undecided
Dessert: Undecided
Drink: Full Moon Sake     37