Komali Beetle
Beast Type (Insect Beast)
Capture Level Immeasurable
Price Cicada Shell, value impossible to measure
Diet Unknown
Location Gourmet World Shangri-La

The Komali Beetle is a rare and mythical Gourmet World beast that is said to have lived in Shangri-La well before even the great Shangyang South Bird.

A sacred protector of Shangri-La when it was inhabited by humans, the Komali Beetle was worshiped as a guardian and spent it's long life fighting off Gourmet World beasts that dared to attack it precious home. For thousands of years it would bring peace to the human city, until the day the Shangyang Bird arrived. The legendary Tray bird was seeking a new home after it had created the Gourmet World, but wanted to kill the humans so it could make a new home for Gourmet Beasts only. The Komali Beetle intercepted the bird and fought with it for many days. However, the great Tray bird eventually overpowered the insect protector and killed the humans of Shangri-La.

Alive, defeated, and ashamed, the Beetle fled far and high into the skies. Intent on morning the loss of it's human friends for all of time. It is thought that only a human in great crisis could possibly call the Komali beetle back to Shangri-La.

Due to it's near immortal lifespan and ability to fend off the Shangyang bird, it's power is ranked far beyond the Gourmet World rulers, and is on par with beasts like the, Tray Beasts, the Bonfire Trio and even the Saṃsāra Spider.