Kapu Kamui
Beast Type Sun Beast (Deity Beast)
Capture Level Unknown
Price Tome Of The Sun, vale impossible to measure.
Diet Unknown
Location Gourmet World (Palace of Sangrāra)
Related Species Saṃsāra Spider

The Kapu Kamui is an odd gourmet beast that commonly resides in the gourmet world, though often makes trips to the human world. Often known for it's curious and playful behavior, the Kapu Kamui is a deceptively intelligent and powerful beast that records the great events of the planet. Having been alive for longer then even the gourmet world rulers, it writes down all of history within it's large book and always appears in times of great disaster. While it is unable to see the future, it can sense events of great importance and appear accordingly, often making it seem as if the playful sun beast if a creature of destruction.

If one spots the beasts and offers it a blessing, or plays with it to it's enjoyment, the Kapu Kamui will offer them a favor and warn them of an impending disaster. People who are aware of it's existence often carry sweets or toys with them at all items, as the beast had a great liking for both.

It shares something of a bitter relationship with the legendary Saṃsāra Spider who can predict the future and cause disasters. This often put unnecessary strain on the Kapu Kamui, who is forced to record these disasters and appear whenever the spider does.

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