Kappa Men
Kappa Men
Aliases Manly fish guys
Beast Type Reptile/mammal/Amphibian
Capture Level 4
Length 3ft
Height 6ft
Weight 200 Lb
Price 100g/7,000 Yen. Glasses 100,000 Yen
Diet Carnivore
Location Lakes
Abilities Perfect pack control, martial arts like fighting styles.

Kappa Men are strange creatures who live in lakes, rivers, and even ponds, they tend to stay in packs, to increase their weak power.


They are a reptilian, amphibian, and even mammal like creature. They are a hybrid, of all these creatures, with gills, lungs, and reptile eyes. They wear glasses, that they make, to help poor eyesight.


They are a weak species, but together in packs, they bring in great power. They even have a martial arts like fighting style. They are extremely intelligent creatures, able to make glasses, to help poor eyesight.

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