Kaleidoscope Stag
Pokemon X 13576573835989
Beast Type Mammal Beast (Illusion Beast)
Capture Level Immeasurable
Price Kaleidoscope Sword Horn, value impossible to measure
Diet Unknown
Location Gourmet World (Glu'malore Forest)

The Kaleidoscope Stag is a strong and noble Gourmet World beast as well as the great guardian of the Gourmet worlds' Glu'malore Forest.

This phantasmal beast is thought to only exist in legend as no formal records of its appearance have been taken. It is thought to be vastly powerful, as it protects the only peaceful area of the Gourmet World. As such it has been name a Gourmet World Ruler and reins in at the number 6 spot.

In truth the mighty Stag is a direct servant of the Vánagandr Wolf, a blessed member of the Bonfire Trio. Eons ago the wolf was the protector of the Glu'malore Forest and after its ascension into the Bonfire, it tasked a great stag in the forest to become its new protector. Inundating the stag with holy energy transformed it into the Kaleidoscope Stag, and has since guarded the forest in the Wolfs absence.