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"True cheif's speaks with his works, not with his mouth!"

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Monkey Fighter (猿の戦闘機, Saru no Sentōki
Name Kaito
Kanji 怪盗
Romanji Kaitō
Race Human
Gender Male
Birthday December 8th
Age 25
Height 190
Weight 190
Blood Type AB-
Professional Status
Occupation Bishokuya
Personal Status
Status Active

Kaito (怪盗, Kaitō) is the Bishokuya better known as Monkey (サル, Saru), because of his monkey personality. He was part of Bishokukai, but he never got the chance to meet the leader, Midora. Kaito is also famous for his rivalry with Starjun, even thought he never won against him. The biggest result, he had is a tie. His biggest dream is to finish his Full Course and share it with his brother. Kaito comes from the family of Bishokya, every male member of his family were Bishokuya's, so it's in his nature to be one too. After Kaito left to complete his Full Course his family died from terrible disease. Not so long after this accident, he formed a combo with his friend Iori, who is young and very gifted chief. Kaito's dream is to complete his full course and beat Starjun in fair fight.





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