Jurasunsaurus Wolf (Jurasunsaurusu ジュラスンサウルス) is an ancient breed of mystical centenarian candid that has inhabited Gourmet World since ancient times. It is said to travel strategically in packs to avoid major threats to their existence such as the once aggressive Rampaging Beast Jirou.

As FoodEdit

The Jurasunsaurus is a Special Preparation Ingredient that is said to have meat so tender that it almost melts in your mouth. According to Setsuno when cooked properly the meat has a high level of transparency resembling that of the Century Soup. It is also said that it had an endless deliciousness factor, with an enormous taste and an endless bliss that remains even after consuming the meat. Likewise, people have disregarded their life to consume it's meat even to the point where they venture into the Gourmet World weaponless in sought of it's ancient meat.


The Jurasunsaurus is a prideful creature that lives peaceful in the Gourmet World. They don't attack any other species unless they are a threat to them or are trying to hurt them in any sort. However, it becomes "night" in the Gourmet World their almost Capture Level doubles and they act aggressive, sometimes even killing their own children. This only applies to adults however, thus meaning the children aren't affected.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Jurasunsaurus is a powerful creature, but its true strength lies in its near impeccable endurance and an even greater healing factor that helps it restore damaged tissue on its body almost instantly. The only vulnerable area of the Jurasunsaurus is its stomach area, but even attacking said area is not enough to defeat it unless its stomach is struck exactly 13 times but with utmost precision and delicacy via the use of a Knocking Gun. Doing so will temporarily hamper its regenerative abilities allowing it to be susceptible to a fatal blow. It must be killed in this manner as killing it any other way such as through a large and powerful Appetite Energy-based attack will only reduce the quality of its meat. The only individual to have ever successfully subdued this creature properly was Knocking Master Jirou.


Near ExtinctionEdit

More than 500 years ago, during the Knocking Master Jirou's rampaging youth before Acacia had sealed his power, he came across the territory of a large herd of Jurasansarus which immediately attacked him, however this action would be their undoing as the mercilessly rampaging Jirou unleashed his full might against them, killing many instantly in cold blood and only a minority were knocked by him for food, leaving much of the Jurasansarus species massacred. No less than a few handfuls of the once numerous ancient species survived afterwards and to this day only a small handful remains, a past action which Jirou deeply regrets and it went on to influence his dislike for destroyed ecosystems.

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