Vital statistics
Title Jupiter Wallace, The Bone Chilling Breaker
Gender Male
Race Human
Skills Ice Box, Deep Freezer
Abilities Ice and cold manipulation
Full course Complete
Affiliations Mahaclaro


Status Alive, in the (Gourmet World)
Partner Blaze

Jupiter Wallace or more grimly known as the Bone Chilling Breaker is a powerful Bishokuya, a servant of the undead chef Mahaclaro and partner to the equally as destructive Blaze the GT Android.

Once a wondering savant of the cold and ice Jupiter was constantly ostracized and chased out of every town and country he tried to make a home in, due to his incredible but uncontrollable powers. With the ability to rapidly cool the atmosphere in a given space, he could easily turn once thriving towns into frozen shells of their former selves in a matter of minutes. It was on one of his wondering journeys that he encountered Blaze on assignment from Mahaclaro and engaged in combat. Refusing to be beaten by the icy savage, Blaze easily trounced the untrained Jupiter and crushed his once thought unstoppable power.

Having been defeated so easily, Jupiter became infatuated with Blaze and even after sparing his life, chose to follow Blaze wherever he went. Eventually, Blaze thought to turn his would be stalker into his partner and introduced him to Mahaclaro. From there Jupiter was rigorously trained and eventually learned to control his abilities. Now a powerhouse of the cold he stands at level with Aziz herself in terms of raw strength, though he admits Blaze is still stronger then him.

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