Iaculatio Grandinis
Other Names Hailstone Lilac Spear, Spearstorm of the Snow
Creator(s) (Unknown) Currently wielded by Aziz
Function Combat and preparation of specially prepared ice and cold resistant ingredients
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The Iaculatio Grandinis (Lit: Latin, Hailstone Lilac Spear) Also known as Spearstorm of the Snow is a collection of frozen weapons of unknown power in the Gourmet world. Created for the special preparation of ice and cold resistant ingredients the Iaculatio Grandinis causes damage by instantly converting matter from a solid (or liquid) into a gas, via a violent phase transition; any living opponent caught within such an effect would thus be instantly vaporized and killed. The ice-based weapons can create a 150-square foot area of absolute zero cold (−273.15 °C). At such extreme temperatures, events which do not normally occur in nature begin to happen, such as superconductivity as well as breakdowns at the atomic level. It's abilities as a weapon are far fiercer then any application it could have in cooking. Leading one to wonder why this weapon was ever giving cooking applications at all. It is currently wielded by Aziz of Snow, though it is unknown how she came to posses it.

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