Beast Type Demon Beast (Star Beast)
Capture Level Immeasurable
Price Star Grain Shaw Rice, value impossible to measure
Diet Unknown
Location Gourmet World (Ozma Fields)

The Hoshi-Oni also known as the Star Demon, is an ancient beast of great power in the Gourmet World and is the caretaker of the Ozma Fields, where it tends to the various rices of the Gourmet world. A fierce beast in power and appearance, the Hoshi-Oni is better know for its agriculture importance as it is the keeper of every known rice and grain on the planet. Piling the raw grain on it's back, it creates a cloak of over 70,000,000 different rices on any time. Obtaining this beasts cloak is paramount to obtaining the absolute highest class of rice in the world, though the Demons incredible power and confusing style of fighting puts it in league with Gourmet World Rulers. Making the cloaks acquisition no easy task.

It also had a great but mysterious connection to Takamagahara and it is one of the few living and non-holy beasts that can touch and cross the heavenly gate. There are various theories as to why the Star Demon is capable of this, but the most widely accepted theory is that the Hoshi-Oni was once a servant of heaven that either fell or left paradise of it's own volition.

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