Toriko OC character - Hibiki

Hibiki is a gourmet hunter-heavenly king coming form 200 years of the future. He came to the present in his 15 years after Jiro and Ichiryuu and before Midora,Acacia and Froese adopts him as his new son,and thier disposses to train him in fighting and coocking and giving to him the true inner family power and the meaning itself. On his 20 years, when Acacia and Froese finally coocked GOD,Froese passes away,and Hibiki makes a promise,they will encounter againfor revive Froese back to life,no matter happens. After 6 years,Hibiki get his own Intimidation,and went to the city,where finds Toriko and Komatsu,and so from there,he starts his adventures and his way to accomplish his promise,making friends,partners and parents for help him(including a new girlfriend for him,sure).

Note - Please,for nothing of the world,don't change this without my permission or without letting me know.

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