The Hanyou, or the Six Lords, are the six generals of Skara and the carriers of Ikhor, a very rare substance that increases a person's physical abilities and longivity extremely. Each of them has their own personal objective or dream, and received Ikhor to achieve it, but all of them has to help Skara achieving GOD. They obey directly to Skara and are considered by themselves a superior race.

The Six HanyouEdit

Hakai, the Darkness LordEdit

Hakai is one of the most powerful Hanyou. He is a former Royal Dragon and the 22nd descendant of the Mystic Dragon Style, Form: Darkness

Izu, the Heavens LordEdit

Izu is the most merciful Hanyou. She is the youngest between them, having 95 years.

Shoku, the Hell LordEdit

Shoku is the wisest, and perhaps the most powerful, Hanyou and the only of them who ever saw Skara.

Macabre, the Mystery LordEdit

Macabre is the cruelest Hanyou, he is an assassin who kills just for pleasure. His ocuppation is assassination.

Valentine, the Elegance LordEdit

Valentine is one of the most powerful Hanyou, tying up with Hakai and Shoku.

Yamimaru, the Death LordEdit

Yamimaru is their strategist, he is the weakest in physical strength, which he compensates with his other skills.

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