Hanafuka Playhouse
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English Hanafuka Playhouse
Aliases Butterfly Theater
Location Human World
Affiliations Yaihiku

Gourmet Gospel

Debut Appearance
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The Hanafuka Playhouse is an old and famous theater located in the Human Worlds most artistically inclined region, the Kagura-Yama. Old and luxurious, the theater was home to histories most famous performers, actors, dancers and artiest on the planet. It's splendor and fame make it one of the few places that gourmet world exclusive residents will visit. Any who are raised in it's famous Okuni Academy are guaranteed fame and wealth, as even the theaters name carries massive clout. It also has the rare pleasure of being one of the few places that stands high, despite it not being associated with the gourmet age.

In it's fame the playhouse shows are constantly sold out, and tickets are as hard to come by as reservations to Setsuno's restaurant. Though, it is said that a group of premium seats are kept free for any who are personaly invited by the manager.

The playhouse is owned and operated by the famous dancer Yaihiku and has been in his ownership since the passing of his father who owned it last. Under his management, the theater reached new heights, including the acquisition of the infamous Dragon Stage to its many platforms.


Hanafuka Staff
Yai Paulet Gab
Theater Master & Owner Yaihiku Prima Ballerina (Former) General Manager Pauletta Current Prima Ballerina Gabriellia

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