The Petra of the Gourmet Gospel

The Gourmet Gospel is a secretive, powerful, yet passive organization that works towards maintaining a neutral balance between the great good of IGO and the great selfishness of the Bishokukai, and by extension maintain neutral harmony on the planet.

The Gospel is arguably one of the oldest known organization in the human world, with roots dating back thousands of years to the beginning of the Gourmet age and the Worlds First Feast. Originally a church formed around Cho Śākyamuni and Senju Kannon, they rose to prominence before the calamitous Gourmet War and fled into the Gourmet World when the fighting broke out. Realizing it was their time to move on, they settled into the gourmet world and began their current goal of protecting the planets balance so another war would never happen again.

Recently, the Gourmet Gospel have noticed incredible imbalances within the planet and attribute the chaos to the evil chef Mahaclaro and his band of dangerous followers. Working together with numerous chefs, Bishokuya, artisans and other people of note, they intend to rectify the imbalance and bring the world back to a state of harmony.

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