Located in the Jidal Kingdom, the Gourmet Casino is the largest casino on the planet and the most succesful. It sees the transaction of trillions of yen per day and its ingredients go from the absolute prime to toxic illegal foodstuffs outlawed by the IGO. It used to only allow tourists and it was the main source of wealth for the kings coffers. It also includes a ten star hotel and hs a view of the whole kingdom. However, many residents who were born in the Jidal Kingdom attempt to steal food for themselves or their families due to the fact that the King views them to be a reppelant for potential sources of cash. Many women in the country work as pole dancers or strippers at the casino to feed their families. After the kings departure, many groups have atempted to use it as a base, seeing its monumental importance due to the money and food generated. It's security is provided by members of Livebearer's gang. It is currently under the control of the Gourmet Yakuza. It continues to generate trillions of yen per day but a large porton of it now goes to the people and as a result it has caused the standard of living and economy to improve substantially.