Goji Giant
Beast Type Titan Beast (Chakra Beast)
Capture Level Immeasurable
Price Shakaumi Mask, value impossible to measure.
Diet Unknown
Location Gourmet World (Karma Valley)
Related Species Monzaemon Dragon

Mandala Tree

The Goji Giant is an immensely powerful Gourmet World beast, and the number 3 Gourmet wold ruler. Born as an extension of the Mandala Tree, the Goji Giants represents the good and harmony of the Gourmet World. A protector by nature, the Goji Giant dedicates its life to protecting and dealing out blessings in the Mandala Tree's place.

It has a symbiotic with the Monzaemon Dragon, as the two represent the good and evil of the Mandala Tree, and by extension the gourmet world. It also forms the harmonious Chakra Trio with the Dragon, and Mandala Tree.