Godiva Mare
Beast Type Mammal Beast (Humanoid Beast)
Capture Level Immeasurable
Price Chocolate Lalava Mane, 54,000,000 yen per beast.
Diet Unknown
Location Gourmet World (Chai Uplands)
Related Species Lord Stallion

The elegant Godiva Mare is a powerful and dangerously strong gourmet world beast. The mate to the legendary Lord Stallion this beast is known for it's deceptively put together body and incredible intelligence. An enchantress by nature, it leads dozens of other gourmet beasts to battle for it in it's place. However, it is not without it's own strengths, as it's body can unwind and unravel to strike and bind enemies with incredible speed. It's unknown which half of the beast actually controls the body, as the human like portion can speak, but the greatest amount of power can be felt coming out of the horse like head.

It also has the distinct ability to produce copious amounts of delicious Lalava Chocolate from it's mane. It's grown the more the beast is hurt and it's body is chipped away. Blessed with incredible regeneration powers, the mane can grown endlessly as long as the main body is in tact. However, being a vindictive beast, the Godiva mare will often slice off it's own mane and stop it into the ground rather then be harvested like a farm animal.

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