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Rainbow berries by jacob forsyth davies-d2xtwzc
'''Genre berries''' (often mistaken for [[w:c:toriko:Rainbow Fruit|Rainbow Fruit]]) are a special breed of berries only found in certain places where beasts and people live in harmony. The berries come in all the colors of the rainbow, and when eaten, the the flavor stimulates the mind in a way that it makes the eater feel as though music were playing. Each berry has its own song, making them a great treat to consume when relaxing. The berries can also be ripened and have their flavor improved by exposing them to certain songs, but each berry has its own "taste", as such playing a specific song that suits an individual berry's taste will improve its flavor far more than playing one song for the whole bunch. Not all the berries are safe for consumption, as the green and purple ones are very toxic for the fruit's own self-defense. The pink and red berries are considered sacred by certain people who know of this fruit because it is believed that they represent love which is noted in the type of music they inspire within people. Due to their rarity, these berries are very valuable, with wealthy individuals paying hefty sums for even individual berries as well as hiring a chef who knows which songs which songs can ripen them to perfection. They can be used in fruit salads and mostly cakes.

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