Fox of Joy
Beast Type Deity Beast (Demon Beast)
Capture Level Immeasurable
Price Infinite Wisdom Tail Stew, Ink of Joy, 99,000,000 yen per ounce.
Diet Unknown
Location Gourmet World (Island of Light)

The Fox of Joy also known as the Roi Des Animaux (Lit: French, King Of Beasts) is the current ruler of the Island of Light, and an extremely powerful and blood thirsty gourmet wold beast.

Once a simple demon fox with delusions of grandeur, it dreamt of becoming a god and ruling over it's own world. Realizing alone it's dream could never be realized it called upon it's allies. It's eight fox brother were convinced they would share the power and rule as nine kings, however the demon fox tricked them and killed them. It absorbed their power and souls and infused them into it's own body, then grew 8 extra tails to show the faces of the souls he betrayed. It is said that the tips of his tails are still dripping with crimson ink as a reminder of his brothers.

Stealing the evil weapon of it's clan to strengthen it's already dark power, the Fox of Joy then slaughtered every other demon fox it could find. Claiming no other fox would ever rise as high as it.

Eventually joining under the power of a much stronger beast, along with the Tundra Bronco and Amazon Forester, it was granted even more evil strength and was given a land to rule over. Since then the fox had ruled over the Island Of Light with a terrible power and a fierce sense of destruction. It is thought that only a true god can kill this demon that fancy's itself the divine.

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