<Borus was still walking, and holding his fishing gear. On one hand, he had a fishing rod. The other, was holding a tackle box. Borus was walking forward, and lickling his lips. Copper fish, an actual fish that feels like copper, looks like copper, and smells like copper, but tastes wonderful. CLVL is 59. It's a small fish, but a good hider. Borus has been trying to find the fish for over 5 months. He didn't like it, but he had to catch the fish. Money. Why do people want money? Don't they know fishing is fun? Well, that didn't stop Borus. He needed the money. He looked behind himself, and saw both the kid he hired and the girl talking with each other. Borus looked up, and sniffed the air.>

Foster: I smell a lake. 

<Borus was impressed. He knew his smells. Still, smelling and battle are two different things. He heard the girl taking a few steps forward.>

Clara: Thank you for saving me.

Foster: Yeah! I didn't even know she was in trouble!

Borus: Don't thank me. I just don't like people dying in front of me. 

Clara: Still... thank you.

Borus: Oh, uh... thank you! 

<Borus stopped walking, and looked to a huge sea. The silver lake. About 3,000 square kilometers. One of the largest in the planent. Borus, looked across the lake. The surface was indeedly silver looking. He looked down, and sat down. He held his fishing rod, and threw it out to the lake. He started to smile. The other two sat down with him, and he was enjoying it. The breeze... the calm patience... and then the catch. What's not to love about fishing?>

Clara: Why are you fishing for the copper fish?

Borus: Ohh?

Foster: You don't seem like the money type. 

Borus: Oh? I like catching fish.

Foster: Why are you selling it then?

Borus: Well... my son. 

Clara: Son?

Borus: Yes. Step son. My wife died, many years ago. So did my step wife. All I have is my step son. I'm catching a fish. So I can use the money to get a doctor.

Foster: Really?

Borus: Yep. I have no use for money. But herbs won't work so well. He needs a very skilled doctor.

Clara: Wait... why haven't we caught a fish yet?

Borus: Easy. Bait. I have bait only for that fish. The scent, from the bait, is copper fish. 

Foster: You caught one?

Borus: Yep. I ate it too. 

Clara: What did it taste like?

Borus: Why don't we find out? I aim for us to have half of it. 

Foster: Won't that take the pay away?

Borus: Yeah. I just need a few million Yen or so. 

Foster: Maybe it can be my fish meal in my full menu!

Borus: Trust me, i've had better. Now, one that is great enough is...

<A few dozen creatures jumped out of the water in a blurring fashion. They surround the group. Clara notices them immediatly.>


<Old looking kappa men, with karate poses.>

Kappa Men


Clara: Be careful! The're weak alone, but together...

Foster: GOT IT!

Borus: You do that kid. I'll fish!

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