<Foster was whistling, and walking down a dirt filled path. He looked behind his back, to see Clara and Sunday getting together. Sunday was giving Clara a piggyback ride, and she was screaming in complete fear. He laughed at the sight, and pointed at Clara.>

Foster: While the sight does make me laugh, Sunday, let her down.

<Sunday drops Clara, and grumbles. Foster goes back to walking, and Clara runs to his side.>

Clara: So, what's the job?

Foster: Fisherman. Were going to protect him fish.

Clara: That's it?! We're helping a man, to fish?!

Foster: Well, he's paying me more then your village did, so why should I call that one priority?

<Clara signs, and admits that most other Gourmet Hunters would choose the cozier, more high paying job, then protecting her village. She easily got bored, and walked ahead. She never went this far, in her life. The sights, it was amazing. Earlier, they saw a chocolate geyser. She thought the stories were just to prank her. She couldn't believe the sight, when she saw it. She was too busy thinking, when she fell into a pond.>

Foster: Clara! That was... HILARIOUS!

???: MY FISH!

<Clara started to drown. She... Couldn't swim. So, a man jumps in, and he grabs her. She looks up, and notices that it's not Foster. Instead, a man in a brown suit. He had a grey beard, looked old, and was holding her to dear life. He swam up to the surface, and went to the shore. He dropped Clara down, and he lifted himself, so he was sitting next to Clara.>

???: Mam... You ruined everything.

Clara: WHAT DID I DO?!

???: You jumped in...

Clara: JUMPED?!

???: Jump, accident step on, what's the difference?

Clara: A lot!

???: Okay, we'll agree to disagree. Now, the shark todo is lost, forever, in tones damn waters. Well, now that stinking Gourmet Hunter better be here now.

Foster: That stinking Gourmet hunter is me sir.

<The man looks up, and stares at Foster's eyes. He creeps Foster out, and the man gets up, searching Foster, in wet soggy clothes. He stops, and walks to his fishing gear. A bait box, and one wooden fishing rod, with a simple string. He lifts them up, and grins madly.>

???: So you are! The names Borus. I have hired one of you... But seems... Three of you have come! Excellent! I'm still paying one of you though!

Foster: Got it Mr. Borus!

Borus: Yes. Let's move, my 285 year old aching bones are telling me, that if we don't make a move in a second, I'll turn to dust!

<Borus starts to walk on, and Clara drys herself off from a tree. She overhears what he said, and walks to Foster.>

Clara: Did he say 285?

Foster: I know! He doesn't look a day over 60. But... Borus... I heard the name before. Something from... Master...

<Borus, getting angry, turns around and starts to scream.>



Foster: What's that?

Clara: The copper fish... Considered by 12 nations to be one of the most elusive fish alive! It's worth on the market... Is practically 800,000,000 million Yen!


<Fostsr, hearing what he said, starts to faint.>

Clara: Shy are you fainting?!

Foster: He said... We could have 1/10 of the fish's market price... I thought he was going after some rare one... But... 800 million!

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