<It was a hour since Foster brought the Sock-Puppet bear's corpse back to town, and now everyone was feasting on it. All 59 people in town, along with Foster and Sunday having a part of it. Foster was feasting on the breast, while many people were staring at Foster. Foster didn't care, he was hungry, and the bear was tasty. It seemed Sunday like what he had, since he was smiling while he was eating. It scared the young children at first, but it soon began to play with them. The children would climb on top of him, while he was eating. Foster thought, that with it's size, it wouldn't be bothered. Morino, being covered in bandages, and using crutches, dragged himself to Foster.>

Morino: Mr. Foster... You saved my village. Something I wasn't even close to being able to do, when it was truly necessary. Can you... Help me train?!

<Foster kept on chewing, and gulped.>

Foster: Nope.

Morino: W...what?!

Foster: No. I won't train you one bit.

Morino: Is it because... You think I'm weak? I can still train! Even in my condition, I can be strong! I can take lessons, and pay attention!

Foster: No. That's not why. If you leave... Who would protect this place?

<The question struck Morino, and Morino looked down.>

Morino: I'm... I am sorry. I just wanted to be stronger... But running away from Shade will only make me weaker. I apologize.

Foster: Okay.

<The Mayor, describing his adventure with some of the villagers, saw Clara, all alone at the windmill. She was the only one not praised for her help. No, she didn't help one bit. That's why she wanted to be alone. The Mayor disagreed. She may not have helped now, but she was the one who knew what the Sock-Puppet Bear was, and how long it's arm could extend. She was smart. Smarter then everyone in town, when it came to beasts. The Mayor, holding his cane, walked to Clara. He sat down next to her, while she stood.>

Mayor: Clara, remember what happened 13 years ago?

Clara: I came here, with my merchant parents. They wanted to leave. They were killed.

Mayor: Yes. That was the first time, in a long time, we had to hire a Gourmet Hunter. Do you know what he was like?

Clara: What?

Mayor: He was a strong, very brave man. He fought the beast, and killed it. Do you know what he said?

Clara: What?

Mayor: That he would feed this beast to his young son. When I asked for the boy's name... He said his son's name... Was 'Foster'.

<Clara looks extremely surprised, and the Mayor chuckles.>

Mayor: Now you know why, I had faith in Foster. If he was that man's son, he could have killed that beast. Clara, I love this town. I want it protected, no matter what. You and the other children can laugh when I do or say something stupid, but when it comes to protecting this town, I will never be less then 1,000%, in protecting it from any man, monster, or disaster!

<Clara smiles, and she hugs the Mayor. The mayor smiles, and hugs her as well. The feast continues, but the two of them stay silent, happy and alone.>

Clara: Mr. Mayor... I want you to hear this.

Mayor: What?


<Foster was off. He waved to the waving villagers, and gave a huge grin at them. Sunday was close to him, and he patted the beast on the back. He was off, and no one could even hope to stop him.>

Clara: STOP!

<Foster groaned, and turned around. It was that girl from earlier. She was holding a small bag, and running towards Foster. When she got close enough, she stopped, and rubbed the back of her head.>

Clara: Mr. Foster... Could I come?

Foster: Why should I?

Clara: I... Want to see the world. I love Shade, but I want to see the world, as huge as it is, before I die.

Foster: Okay. Why should I bring you. What can you bring to the table?

Clara: I know many things about Gourmet beast.

Foster: Name three. Right now. You do that, and I'll let you. I might need that talent, if I face a beast I can't cook by just using fire.

Clara: A Devil Rabbit is naturally afraid of any bright objects, so use fire to defeat it. Even a lighter should be enough. A Hopping Hippo is known to be a great hopper, as it's name is said, so get it close to a forest. If it is close to a forest, it's hopping ability will be diminished by the debris. Lastly... A Friday monkey likes it when you scratch behind their right ears. Their left ears make them angry though, so don't scratch that.

<Clara scratches Sunday's right ear, and Sunday gleefully smiles.>

Foster: Well... Looks like Sunday likes you. So... I lose. Come on. Stay close to me.

<Foster, Sunday, and Clara started off. They went to the opposite way, Foster went, and both the Mayor and Clara notice where he is going.>

Clara: Where are you going?

Foster: Oh! I have another job! It involves fishing!

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