<Foster was licking his lips, and looking at the beast. It was going to be a good fight. Foster could tell. Foster stared at the beast, and put his hands up.>

Foster: So... What are you, you delicious looking bag of meat!

<The Sock-Puppet Bear roared, and started to walk. It was slow, maybe even slower then a normal bear on two feet. It swung it's right arm, and the claw nearly hit Foster, about 40 yards away.>

Foster: What the...


<The beast slashed at Foster, and it's arms were like whips trying to kill Foster. The arms were like whips, but it's arms were as thick as tree trunks. The bear's arms were faster then most human eyes could follow, but Foster dodged them all. He did admit though, that the beast wasn't a typical one. He noticed, that the beast was still walking, if ever slow. The more closer it got, the better aim it got. Impressive, two dangerous weapons, and it made up for its slow speed with its whip like arms. Foster wondered if it tasted as good as it fought. Foster dodged the whip arms, and moved along. The bear was not the only one that was moving. Foster got a little closer, and sprinted at the bear. At close distance, it was going to be harder for the bear to attack him. Foster got closer to the body of the bear, and he pulled his arms back.>


<He struck the bear in the stomach, having the bear fall back. It nearly fell, and it looked up to Foster. It roared, and jabbed at Foster. It struck Foster, and his skin was clawed by it. He fell down, and Clara cried out. She thought Foster was dead. The attack, hit at full force, should kill any human being, even Foster. The Mayor, holding his sword, tried to run at the bear, swinging his sword, but the bear noticed him. The bear pulled it's arm back, and struck at the Mayor. The Mayor didn't even notice the paw... Or Foster, holding the entire paw in his own right hand.>

Foster: My my... I haven't had a good fight... In a little while. Now, let's see... What's scarier... You, or little old me.

<Foster laughed, and his intimidation struck the bear. It was a giant white creature, that was humanoid, and blazing. It towered over the Sock-Puppet Bear, and it terrified the bear. The intimidation of Foster, terrified both the Mayor, and Clara. They thought it was another creature, before they noticed it was in actuality, an image coming from Foster. >


<The bear, panicking, flung it's other arm around, in trying to kill Foster. Foster, gripping the other arm, broke the paw with his own grip. The Bear roared, and nearly fell. Foster, started to laugh, and sprinted at the bear again.>


<Foster struck the bear in the stomach, with a slap. The slap, striking the bear, burst the bear in fire. It was panicking, and Foster struck it again. Foster, laughing, grabbed the bears face, and kneed it in the face. Clara and the Mayor saw a sight they would both never forget. A man, killing that creature, by bursting it in flames, with his own hands, and laughing. The creature, in flames, died at that point. It couldn't handle the fire, grilling it alive. It fell, dying, and Foster was smiling. He was bleeding, but the wounds didn't bother him. He grabbed the charred remains, and dragged it with him. He dragged it to the Friday monkey he defeated, and grabbed the monkey as well. He dragged it along with him, planning to making it a friend. He looked at the Mayor, Clara, and an unconscious Morino, and gave a huge grin.>

Foster: Who want's grilled bear.

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