<Foster was inside the town hall. The town hall was a huge complex, made of stone, and colored all over by many children for almost 100 years. The town hall was the major spot in town, and was the only place not harmed by the monster. Foster, was being checked by all the citizens. They walked around him, and holding his arms up.>

Foster: Can you Umm... Stop?

Citizen 1: Mr. Mayor... We don't think he is such a good choice.

Citizen 2: My own arm is bigger then his! I'm a baker!

Citizen 3: Even my 14 year old daughter looks tougher then him. Why did you get a 13 year old?

Foster: I'm 16.

<All the citizens look at him, and look shocked. Foster is short, and looks much younger then he does. The mayor, sitting on a chair, stood up.>

Mayor: We must stop this beast now! No more, shall we be terrorized. What's next?! Our children?! We must gather up and kill the beast!

Citizen 1: What about Morino?

Mayor: We can't rely on Morino alone! All of us, Gourmet hunter, and the citizens of Shade, will slay the beast, to save everyone we love!

<The citizens place their heads down, and the mayor looks shocked.>

Mayor: W...what?

Citizen 4: Mr. Mayor... Were just scared.

Citizen 2: We think Morino is enough.

Citizen 5: What can we do?

<The mayor looks hurt, and just walks away.>

Mayor: Cowards. I raised you, and I expected better.

<Clara, watching the Mayor walking away, followed him. He turned around, and was surprised to see Clara follow.>

Mayor: Clara... Why?

Clara: I... Want to help. I have no one to miss me, so why not come?

Mayor: Clara... Don't say that! You are not going to die! You have a Gourmet Hunter, and your mayor to protect you from any beast!

Foster: Yeah. No one is dying tonight!

<Foster, the mayor, and Clara walk out of the building.>


<The mayor was in samurai armor. He had old feudal samurai armor, a feudal helmet, and a katana. He was slicing the air, testing his skills, and boasting with Foster, while Clara walked behind.>

Mayor: I say, the scouts declared that the beast went this way!

Foster: So, what is the beast?

Mayor: It was a... What was it again Clara?

Clara: I don't know. You guys never told me. I would know what it is if I see it.

Mayor: Clara is aiming to be a Gourmet analyzer!

Foster: Analyzer eh? So, why do that?

Clara: Why be a Gourmet hunter?

Foster: Joy. You?

Clara: Joy.

<Foster laughs, and the Mayor puffs his chest out.>

Mayor: Whitro cave! Where the beast lays... Along with a few other beast...

<Whitro cave was a huge cave. About 20 meters high, and 300 meters deep, it was a high cave. Inside, was about 400 different types of creatures, but the beast that terrorized the town is now terrorizing the creature inside. Already, 12 species inside are close to being endangered. Foster starts to walk in, and hears screams. Non human screams. He takes a few steps back, and witnesses dozens of creatures running out. Yellow monkeys. Bony, bug eyed, and goblin like.>

Clara: Friday monkey...

Friday Monkey: CLVL 2.

Clara: Be careful, they are cowardly, but threatend, they cause trouble!

<One Friday Monkey, bigger then the others, swaggers up to Foster, looking like it wants to kill Foster.>

Foster: Hmm, I have met your kind. They are cowards. Now you, you can sense what I'm like. You know what I will do to you. Run.

<The Friday monkey refuses to run, and stands it ground.>

Foster: Oh, protecting your friends? Noble effort. I like that. Your kind tastes awful, so I'll let you go.

<The Friday monkey kicks Foster in the face. The Mayor grabs his sword, and starts to charge. Clara, grabs a knife from her pocket. She will defend herself. She has this to do that. Poison, very powerful poison. It should be enough to kill even 10 men. But, Foster is okay. He smiles, and grabs the leg.>

Foster: Clara, what's today?

Clara: Your... Alive? I mean... Sunday!

Foster: I'm going to call you Sunday. Want to be my combo partner?

<The Friday monkey roars at Foster, and Foster grins.>

Foster: Combo partner it is! Now, one punch should do! MEGA-PUNCH!

<Foster jumps in, and punches the Friday monkey in the chest, having the Friday monkey fall to the ground. Foster cracks his knuckles, and smells the air.>

Foster: This smell... Blood... And something nice... It's here.

<A body is thrown out of the cave. It falls on the grass, near the Mayor, and the Mayor crouches down, to look at the body.>

Mayor: M...Morino!

<Morino is bloody, and has a huge claw marks on his body. He is bleeding, and close to death. A shattering roar, that causes the Mayor and Clara to fall to the ground, comes from the cave. Foster grins, and licks his lips. He knew what this was.>

Clara: No... Oh dear god... Were dead. It's... A Sock puppet bear!

<A giant bear, at 12 feet, comes out, standing on it's feet. At 3.5 tons, with mostly fur, is still a powerful beast. It has large arms, with white streaks. It comes out, and roars again, shocking the area, and causes all Friday monkey to run out of the cave, in fear.>

Sock Puppet Bear: CLVL 9

Foster: Let's have fun!

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