-Prologue- Narrator: In this world, their is a difference of sorts. What if, you may say. What if... None of the players from Toriko were not born? What if Toriko, Komatsu, Ichiryuu, or Acacia were never born? But... The world itself, and the creatures living in it, were not? Well, let's see what new type of adventures would rise in this.

-Cut to story-

Narrator: In this world, after the grand world war that nearly killed everyone, finally ended, about 400 years ago. Humanity has brought peace along with itself... But not because of love of their fellow man. Fear of the gourmet creatures, that prey on them. Even with technology advanced enough to shift continents, it would not even be close to harming the creatures who were truly on top. Humans however, were not completely unprotected, some were strong. Stronger then others. Thanks to birth, of a rare kind. Birth, of what human scientist call, gourmet cells. These cells, born in every 1/100,000,000 human, made them stronger then others. In consequence, very few can even awake those cells. But the people who do, are heralds for humanity. Some however, are just lonely hunters.

<A small town, with small huts, a few picket fences, and farmers plowing the fields. The only problem? The cows and the windmill. The cows are gone. The windmill was broken in half, and claw marks were on the bottom half of it. A young girl, was walking near the windmill. Her name was Clara. She was a short girl, of the age of 14. She was 4'9, and weighed about 70 pounds. She wore clean wrappings, and had olive hair, and was holding a stick. She poked around the windmill, and moaned. Everyone was fighting about what the mayor did. She herself, found it foolish. What he did was stupid. Hiring some... Gourmet hunter. She remembered the fighting, about last night.>

-Last night-

<The mayor was a scared man. He was a skinny old man, who was bald, and wore blue clothes. He said they made him look young. He was also short, and wrinkly, but unlike most others, he was not a wise man. E was holding his hands up, from all the screaming people.>

Citizen 1: YOU WASTED 500,000\'a5 to hire a Gourmet hunter?!

Mayor: Well... We need one for the beast...


Mayor: B... But the beast...


Morino: Stop. The mayor doesn't need to deal with this.

<Morino walked in, with his group, and smiling. He was muscular, and shirtless. He had a grass skirt on, which he fashioned off to hunt creatures. He had tattoos, to symbolize how many creatures he hunted down. He had short, but spiky dark hair, and had makeshift wings on, from a giant butterfly he killed, barehanded. He was the villages strongest hunter, despite being 21. He was even able to hunt a Red Haired pig, a creature even 10 hunters have difficult hunting, as a group.>

Morino: I plan on hunting this creature myself. When this... 'Gourmet Hunter' pops up, tell him thank you, but I got the creature.

Citizen 1: That's Morino for you!

Mayor: But... Morino, this creature has a CLVL of...

Morino: Be it 1 or 1,000, I don't care. Let me do this Mr. Mayor. You can have the fur from it, as a rug.

<Morino walks away, planning to go get his spear, and kill the creature. Clara was watching, from the window, and she was amazed. Morino would be able to kill the creature, she was sure of it.


<Clara and the town haven't heard from Morino, but she was sure he was close to the creature. The town reported the creature was living somewhere in a cave. She poked the broken windmill with the stick, and wondered. Even the biggest Red haired pigs she saw were unable to even crack this. But she heard from the villagers, that the creature broke it in half with one hit! She still poked the windmill, when the mayor walked past. He was suddenly there, surprising Clara.>

Clara: How long were you here?

Mayor: Well... I was here for 10 hours.

Clara: But why didn't I notice you...

Mayor: I'm very good at hiding. The Gourmet hunter is coming.

Narrator: In the world, their is two types of Gourmet hunters. One, is a member of a group, and one who works alone. Both have pros and cons. With a group, a Gourmet hunter can be picked to the certain jo be they work at, but will have to pay a 1/10 of their pay. At the return, of having a payed home, owned by the group. A lone Gourmet hunter gets payed all the money, but have harder time having others pick them, because of the groups advantage. If one dies, another comes. The governments supports both of them, because of the low amount of people who do it. About 25 million people are Gourmet hunters, outside of the population of 30 billion.

Mayor: Is that him? I... I see him! He is huge, and has an axe the size of a mountain...

Clara: That's a bird.

Mayor: Oh.

<Clara looked down the road. It was a simple long path, about a few feet away from the windmill. It went past 50 towns, on both sides. The government here, uses the roads scarcely for transporting goods, because of possible animal attacks. Clara wondered if the Gourmet hunter could survive walking down that path.>

???: Is this... 'Broken windmill town'?

Mayor: No, it's 'Shade' town. W...wait... Are you the go...Gourmet hunter?

<Clara turned around, expecting to see a hero. Instead, she saw a pint size kid. He was barely taller then her, at 5'1. He was muscular, but barely wore anything on his upper half. He had long hair, and was wearing large gloves. But, the stars on him were everywhere. She heard stars were used by famous Gourmet hunters.>

Mayor: Are you... Foster?

Foster: Yes.


<The mayor grabs Foster's arm, and tries to run to the town hall, but breaks his back, and falls down. Foster lifts him up, like a baby, and smiles.>

Foster: Can you let me... Walk there?

Mayor: Thank you mister.

<Foster walks along, while the mayor points toward the area, and Clara follows them. She wants to speak, but the Mayor does before her.>

Mayor: Are you... Strong?

Foster: Well mister, I have to say... Your the first person to hire me.

Mayor: Oh... Then the town is.. Doomed.

<The mayor, looks away, and starts to cry. He starts slow, and the tears flow, while he is moaning.>

Mayor: Now the town... The town I have lived in for 95 years... Will be destroyed. I know the place is small... But it's a nice place. It's a town that has a nice sight... When you get the chance to sit on the hill near the town... And relax. All the people... The people I have helped raise... Will die now, to that monster who is eating our animals and destroying our home. I only want this place too...

<The mayor starts to choke up, and cries even more. Foster hearing it, stays stoic... And then cries. Even more then the mayor.>

Foster: Mr. Old man... I will save this town! I will do all I can! I will defeat all the monsters that harm this place! I promise!

<The two start crying, and the mayor holds Foster, crying with him. Clara, watching the two, gets misty eyed herself, and wipes it away. She follows the two crying men, and they head to the town.>

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