Name Foster
Aliases None
Race Human
Gender male
Birthday Unknown
Age unknown
Height 5'1
Weight unknown
Blood Type unknown
Professional Status
Affiliation Gourmet Hunter
Occupation Gourmet Hunter
Partner unknown
Personal Status
Relatives unknown
Status alive

Foster is the main character in Nobody700's series, 'Foster'. He is a Gourmet hunter, who is new to the business.


He is a short boy, who is 5'1. He is fairly muscular, despite this. He has long hair, that is also dark. He has also worn clothes, that have stars on it.


Foster has shown a nice personality, crying when he heard a sad story, and showing honesty, admitting that he has not been in the Gourmet hunting business.

Despite all this, he seems to enjoy fighting beast. He has an extremely violent personality, when he is in a good fight, showing an extreme sadistic side to himself.


Foster has shown above average power, being able to defeat a Friday Monkey in one punch. His power is far greater then any normal human being, thanks to his training, and the many Gourmet meals he consumed. Fosters power was great enough to kill a beast of CLVL of 9 at the start of the story with ease. While he has large power, and huge reserves of calories, because his main ways of combat consists of burning excess fat, and calories, he can easily burn it up. This means, he has problems with stamina, and gets weaker in combat, the longer the fight is.


Foster has learned the art, of weight attacks. He is able, to use the weight he consumed, to change the weight of his body, whenever he can. From going to his normal 70 Kg, to the weight he consumed. He uses the weight he gained from beast, and uses energy, to mimic the weight of all the creatures he uses, such as excess weight. Weight attacks, is basically using all the ingredients and beast ate, and being able to draw the calories from them, and use them in combat.

Mega-Punch: A punch that weighs 1 ton, and is able to change its weight, when he wants to, such as Mega 5 ton-punch.

Weight-Absolute: He is able to control what his balance is, and use it perfectly for defense. He is able to control the energy, of the calories in his body, to harden his skin, fat, and muscle to change to greater weights.

Foster also has learned the art of Blaze, a way for people to cook creatures without fire. He uses excess calories, to enforce speed, and make it an attack of friction.

Blazing-Spatula: He is able to slap an opponent, and grill them, having his hand's resemble a Spatula. He is able to cook a creature, with the attack, and even burst it in flames.


He has appeared, to help save a village from a monster. With the help of the Mayor, and Clara, he helped them hunt down the Sock-Puppet Bear, that has terrorized the entire town. There, he made friends with Sunday, his animal combo partner.

Combo PartnersEdit

He does not have a combo with a chef yet, but he has a combo with the animal Sunday.



Full corseEdit

Ingredient Capture Level Status
Hors d'Oeuvre
Fish Dish
25px-Fish Dish
Meat Dish
Main Course

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