Fisher King Titan
Beast Type Titan Beast
Capture Level Immeasurable
Price Sashasya Giga Moss, Titan Royal Eye Jems, value impossible to measure.
Diet Unknown
Location Gourmet World (Jagmarndee Jungle)

The Fisher King Titan, better known as The Kings Golem. Is a monumentally powerful Gourmet wold beast, the ruler of the Jagmarndee Jungle, as well as the number 10 Gourmet World Ruler.

A legendary figure in and of itself, it is the only Gourmet World beast created by the work of man. During the Great War that nearly destroyed the wolrd  and killed 9 billion people(Which was resolved by GOD) a small and rather poor nation created the only weapon it would ever use in the war, the Fisher Titan. It was made by collecting powerful and dangerous natural elements, and animated by a fallen feather from the Shangyang South Bird and Shambala Bird. The result was an enormously powerful, but extremely dangerous creature that eventually destroyed the nation it was supposed to protect.

Seeing no value in the Human world after the war hand ended, the Fisher Titan left for the Gourmet World and settled in the Jagmarndee Jungle. Where it would eventually become the master of Wild Deva, Ludovico