Durian Bomb
Dodurian Bomb
Japanese Name ドリアン弾
Romaji Name Dorian-Dan
Aliases The Stinkest Durian Fruit
Type Fruit
Capture Level 100
Location Durian Forest (Formerly)
Durian Hot Spring (Currently)

Durian Bomb is the extinct fruit named by Samuel Joo who eat one. He steals Melk the Second's fruit to make Durian Buns and into Full Course Menu. However, Samuel drop the seed into the desert forest which is Durian Bomb lives then add the fertilization to make it grow. Unfortunately, this caused Samuel's fatally mistake because of himself making the stench on every worlds inculding Pokemon World and Power Rangers/Super Sentai World. Fortunately, Samuel drop the seed into the cool place to live on called Durian Hot Spring and no longer smell the stench.

Stench and Replaced to Another PlaceEdit

After Samuel throws away, however, his allies went go on their outbreak caused by Charizard who notice the stench of Durian Bomb.

Compatible with Seikirikae FruitsEdit


Before the TimeEdit

Before Melk's NoticeEdit

After Melk's NoticeEdit

When Samuel however threws it away, the Durian Bomb exploded and release it's stench. This cause everyone goes on their outbreak as result and Charizard notice that Samuel threw it away. After releasing the stench, Melk angered at Samuel who stoles her predecessor's Durian Bomb caused everyone to make outbreak, but Samuel going to make Durian Buns for everyone. Unfortunately for Samuel, Melk tolds that Durian Bomb was not compatible to the desert forest which is caused Samuel incredibly fatally mistake.

The Dolove Fruit SecretEdit

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