Drunk'n Flower: Capture Level: #45 Edit

The Drunk’n Flower is a large beautiful lotus flower located in Human World on the remote Gale Island. Its Capture Level is so high due to the fact that Gale Island is always surrounded by a large tornado, on its own, the Drunk’n Flower’s Capture Level is only 2. The only safe way to enter the island is to wait until midnight, when the tornado subsides for one hour every day. If you stay too long, the tornado will reappear and you will be stuck on the island until midnight rolls around again. The flowers can be found in the middle of the island on a still pond made of moonshine, where several of them grow. It has 5 sets of petals on each flower and each petal is filled like a pouch with 1 of 5 different types of liquor: Wine, Brandy, Beer, Champagne, and Vodka. One petal contains enough to fill a large glass and one flower can fetch a high price of 550,000 Yen. With such a variety of different drinks found on one flower, it’s quite ironic that it is not found at Heavy Drinker Archipelago. 

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