Dragon Stage
Beast Type Dragon Beast (Theater Beast)
Capture Level Unmeasurable
Price No Value as Foodstuffs
Diet Poor Thespians
Location Human World Hanafuka Playhouse

The Infamous Dragon Stage is a legendary and fearsome beast that hails from the gourmet world, but was moved into the human world many years ago. Less of an actual beast and more of a cursed stage, the Dragon stage was created years ago born from the grudge of a fierce dragon that made thousands perform on the bloody stage for it's amusement. One day, a mighty warrior managed to not only please the beast with his amazing dancing, but fooled the dragon and sealed it away within the stage where so many were slaughtered.

Since then, the cursed stage was held within the bewitching food world where it was under the careful watch of the Daruma hermit. Since then the stage held an enticing curse that drew actors and dancers to it's platform so they might perform for the benefit of the gods. However, if their performances were unsatisfactory, the sealed dragon world rise from the stage and feed on the actors.

For years the stage continued it's terrible legacy until a Theater Master Yaihiku, still in the youth of his training, came upon the stage and preformed. It was said that Yaihikus acting was so masterful, his dancing so graceful, and his performance all around so moving that the dragons curse was then purified and the stage rendered clean. It was then moved to the human world's Hanafuka playhouse so that the curse would never return and the stage might be opened to all actors again.

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