Dargon is a Bishokuya with a strong sense of adventure and joy even if the adventure is dangerous,he will be going to explore any place the adventure take him to go.

he always carries a dairy to make a book about his adventures he already used 1830 dairys in past adventures and each dairy gets better than the last one



Dargon has a slim body, even if his appearabce looks fragile he is really storng and a good fighter

Hunting Method dragon prefers to study his target before he attack, he has a powerful arsenal of attacks and a defense you never seen

Powers and Abilities he has extreme physical strength he can bend a bendless iron bar like if was a toy, his gourmet cells not give him a buff body but in speed he is like one moment you see him in one place and the next is right behind you. he can enter the Gourmet World and handle its beasts and extreme weather conditions.

Intimidation his Intimidation take for as a big dinosaur with spikes in his back and tail, a mouth full of sharp fangs to shred anyone in his path

Makna forest monster 10


Nail Spear: using just a single nail Dargon can form a solid spear made of Nail and is so sharp he can cut anything, so light that a weakling can use it and so strong that cant be broken

Energy drain: he can absorb energy for a beast or a man by just focusing in the target and the drain also heal dargon

hair sword: he can turn a fiber of hair in a powerful sword and has three forms blue for ice effect,yellow for electric effect and red for fire effect

air shield: dargon can form a shield made of thin air but is so strong that can defend against a sound bazooka for Zebra

fire armor: using some fire dargon can make a armor that protect for body attacks

poison wall: dargon just discover this power but he can make a big wall made of poison

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