Vital statistics
Title Chief Gourmet Researcher, Professor Columba
Gender Male
Race Human
Skills Gourmet Researching
Abilities Unknown
Full course None
Affiliations Gourmet Gospel, IGO (Formerly)
Status Alive, in the Gourmet World
Partner Leabhar

Columba of Light is the former leader of the IGO research institute and the current head of the Gourmet Gospel's research and development. An incredibly intelligent man, Columba rose to the rank of chief researcher within IGO at the young age of 25 and eventually became a research executive at the age of 28. Brilliant and talented with every kind of organism, he lead the discoveries in over 35,000 new ingredients and helped chefs with the preparation of countless more. However, a few years prior Columba resigned from the organization and took up residence with the Gourmet Gospel and vanished into the Gourmet World. To this day his reasons are unknown, but Columba claimed that he was illuminated to the truth of IGO's ultimate fate, and felt his mind could be put to better use in the Gospel.

He is the current partner to Leabhar, the former IGO strategist, and the two have worked surprisingly well together. Though, Columba's scientific curiosity has led to several troubling moments for Leabhar when the military man was forced to save the bumbling scientist from the various dangers of the Gourmet World.

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