Name Clara
Aliases None
Race Human
Gender female
Birthday Unknown
Age unknown
Height 4'9
Weight 70 lbs
Blood Type unknown
Professional Status
Affiliation unknown
Occupation Gourmet Analyzer
Partner unknown
Personal Status
Relatives unknown
Status alive

Clara is a Gourmet Analyzer, someone who analyzes animals, ingredients, and places, to see how to cook it.


Clara is a young girl, she is quite short, and quite skinny. She wears nice robes, and has long hair.


Clara is very knowledgable, about gourmet creatures, thanks to her reading of many books of them. She has a great storehouse of intelligence, all by reading books on subjects. Despite all this, she is still a young girl, and mistakes many things outside of her field.


Clara has very fast eyes, seeing many thing, and being able to sort out many parts of creatures and ingredients. Despite this, she is a normal young girl physically.

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