Burberry Harpy
Beast Type Bird Beast (Humanoid Beast)
Capture Level 98
Price Deep Fried Claws, 60,200,000 yen per leg.
Diet Unknown
Location Gourmet World (Bone Forest)

The Burberry Harpy, also known as the, Mone Left-Foot, is a powerful Gourmet beast that successfully migrated from the Human World to the Gourmet World, after its former home was destroyed. While an extremely powerful Human World beast, its pales in comparison to the beast of the Gourmet world and instead relied on its massive intelligence to find a place in the harsher Gourmet environment.

It had comparatively low value as foodstuffs, but its legs when deep-fried are apparently more crispy and delicious then the Shining Gourami, however the eating of a Burberry Harpy is not viewed well from an ethical stand point due its near-human appearance and intelligence, therefore the eating and distribution of Burberry Harpy meat has been outlawed by the IGO. But much like most illegal ingredients it can be found in black market establishments such as those in Jidal where it is usually sold alongside Human meat and organs.

The only known Burberry Harpies are raised in and guard the Bone Forest and are the personal servants of Gourmet Artisan Chief, Fontinegra.