Blue Rose Clan
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Name Blue Rose Clan
Location Gourmet World
Affiliations None
Purpose World Domination
Status Active

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"The Blue Rose shall blossom and all will be eclipsed by our glory"
—Blake, to Clan Members

The Blue Rose Clan is a criminal organization bent on world domination through the power of food. The IGO determines that the Blue Rose poses a higher threat than the Gourmet Corps. ever did.

The clan is a mixture of Gourmet Hunters and assassins all with one common goal, to control both Gourmet World and the Human World. In the past the clan was seen as a mercenary group selling their services to the highest bidder. Despite the fact that the organization's head team has not changed their objectives changed dramatically around 5 years before their initial appearance in the story (this is believed to have been caused by a conflict between the clan and IGO).

History Edit

The Blue Rose Clan, as stated before, has a history of being a mercenary clan, mainly dealing with recovery or assassination missions. The clan first appeared in the world before the Gourmet Age began, sadly nobody knows how old the clan is, by going on what its current leader, Blake Raefen, has stated his family has controlled the clan for 10 generations but they were not the founders.

Structure Edit

The clan has a standard hierarchical structure with a single leader who then delegates orders to his three admins, also known as the Titan Three (Neo, Lux and Scarlett). The three then delegate the leaders orders to their underlings known as the disciples who finally command over the legions, the weaker members of the clan.

Members Edit

Name Rank Status
Blake RaefenLeader Alive
Neo DrakeAdmin/Titan Three Alive
Lux AureliusAdmin/Titan Three Alive
Scarlett RaefenAdmin/Titan Three Alive

Other members will be unveiled shortly.

Entry & Hiring Requirements Edit

In order to enter into the clan, a candidate must either:

  • Be a direct descendant of a current or deceased clan member (all kin of a deserter are hunted down)
  • Have complete control over a vast amount of Gourmet Cells, have been versed in extreme survival techniques and assassination techniques AND be accepted by one of the Titan Three or the current leader.

Despite their primary aim having changed the Blue Rose Clan remains a mercenary clan in order to acquire their services a candidate must meet certain requirements:

  • Be very affluent or rich (the average job for the clan costs around 1 000 000 yen)
  • Be anti-IGO or at least have no ties to the IGO
  • For extremely difficult jobs, be able to accompany a clan member.

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