Vital statistics
Title Aziz of Snow, Chef of Frost, Sibling of Ice
Gender Female
Race Sibling
Skills Frost Bite Cooking
Abilities Ice Manipulation, Iaculatio Grandinis
Full course Finished
Affiliations The Siblings, City of the High Palace
Status Alive, in the (Gourmet World)
Partner Tundra Bronco

Aziz of Snow, also known as the Chef of Frost, is one of the Great Sibling of the City of the High Palace, and formerly one of the personal chefs to the city's ruler, King of the High Palace.

The only female in the group of siblings, the King of The High Palace tested how creating a daughter would affect the Siblings as a whole. Unfortunately, as soon as she was born Aziz developed a rebellious will of her own and quickly betrayed her father and brothers. Rampaging with a profound intelligence and free will she easily fought her way out of the City of the High Palace. Defeating her brothers and the mighty guardian beasts of the city. Born with power far surpassing any male Sibling, she now resides in the gourmet world as a traveling chef and top class fighter. She occasionally makes trips to the Human World for her own enjoyment and even rebuilt the Ice Hell after it was destroyed by the infamous Four Beast.

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