Vital statistics
Title Ariio of Shadow, Chef of Shade, Sibling of Darkness
Gender Male
Race Sibling
Skills Darkness Cooking
Abilities Darkness Manipulation, Πυλώνες του Ζάο, Επιλογές της Geshi
Full course Unknown
Affiliations The Siblings, City of the High Palace
Status Alive, in the (Gourmet World)
Partner None

Ariio of Shadow, also known as the Chef of Shade, is the eldest of the Great Sibling of the City of the High Palace, and one of the personal chefs, and heir of the city's ruler, King of the High Palace.

Born as the first in the line of the Siblings, Ariio is the only exact clone of the King of the High Palace's first born son, who died due to a sickness when he was a child. Grief stricken, the King began researching how to recreate his son, this time stronger and no longer susceptible to the sickness that once killed him. After bargaining with the High Palace Dragon the King was able to recreate his son, except far more powerful. Giving the clone the new name of, Ariio, this chef drifted towards the dark after learning the circumstances of his birth, and considers himself a mere reflection of the Kings son, whom he can never hope to replace.

Despite being the first born Ariio is the weakest of the Siblings and is openly mocked by his more arrogant brothers because of this. Seeing Darkness Cooking as his only means of surpassing his brothers, he began dabbling in the Night Cooking style and eventually started to become stronger. Though still inferior in terms of raw power, due to his unpredictable fighting style and two extremely powerful weapons (as opposed to the standard one per Sibling), he quickly rose up the ranks as one of the most dangerous men in the world. And while his strength is still sub-par to his brothers, Arrio is considered the greatest cook in the City of the High Palace, and his chef skills are unsurpassed in the Gourmet World--Making his ranking among the top 100 IGO ranked chefs, number 2.

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