Angel Fish
Vital statistics
Title Mad Diver Angel Fish
Gender Male
Race Human
Skills Minority Zone
Abilities Atom manipulation, Appetite energy
Full course None
Affiliations Mahaclaro
Status Alive, in the (Gourmet World)
Partner Octavio

Angel fish, or more commonly known as the Mad Diver is a powerful Dark Saiseiya and the assistant to the equally as twisted, Dark Octavio.

Once an infamous serial killer in the human world, Angel Fish had a morbid fascination with the human body and would kill to satisfy is child like fascination with the humans inner workings. His unique ability to become one with whatever organic matter he touched allowed him to literally invade the bodies of others and rip them apart from the inside out. It is thought that this ability is a less mature and far less powerful version of IGO presidents Ichiryuu, Minority World technique.

He went on a rampage throughout the human world until tracked down and defeated by Gourmet hunter Casablanca, who had been given a request to hunt down the killer. Casablanca would have killed the mad man if not for the timely intervention of Octavio himself. Octavio managed to temporally drive back Casablanca and spirit away the killer to the gourmet world. There, he convinced Angel Fish to join his and Mahaclaro's cause. Agreeing under the pretext that he would be able to further play with the mysteries of human anatomy, he trained under Octavio in the ways of the Dark chapter. Turning him not only into a powerful dark Saiseiya but further advancing his already twisted powers.

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