Amazon Forester
Beast Type Demon Beast (Humanoid Beast)
Capture Level Immeasurable
Price Wings Shedding 23,000,000 yen per feather
Diet Unknown
Location Gourmet World (Jagmarndee Jungle)
Related Species Burberry Harpy

The Amazon Forester is a vicious subset of the Harpy family and an equally as powerful beast that lives in the Jagmarndee Jungle. Foul and dark, the Forester is considered to be a plague onto itself and brings chaos to the jungle, much to the displeasure of the Fisher King Titan who has tried repeatedly to destroy the beast, but to no luck. Comparable more to a banshee than a harpy, the Forester is known and feared for it's scream, which is said to be able to take away the life of anything that hears it. In actuality, the scream functions similarly to the Heavenly King Zebras, Death Noise in that is targets a specific bodily frequency that forces the brain and organs to immediately shut down. The only difference being that this Amazon's scream is entirely indiscriminate and will kill everyone and everything within earshot--including allies.

Wild and destructive, this amazon forms one of the corners of the Demon Trio alliance along with the Fox of Joy and Tundra Bronco. In fact, it is said that the Amazon Forester was little more than a Burberry Harpy before the demons master appeared before it and changed it into the fearsome beast that plagues the Gourmet World now.

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