Aeyon Lee
Vital statistics
Title Wild Beast Master, Aeyon Lee Goddess of Time, Aeyon
Gender Female
Race Unknown (Presumed Divine)
Skills Wild Beast Pack Runback
Abilities Wild beast taming and Temporal control
Full course Unknown
Affiliations Gourmet Gospel
Status Alive, in the Gourmet World
Partner None

Aeyon is the Gourmet World’s reclusive goddess of time who observes history from beyond the gourmet world. Using her gourmet beast, Khronos, she is able to manipulate multiple timelines, watching how they play out while snagging the occasional collectible of value. Recently, however she has found the means and willpower to venture out of the comfort of her own home and into the gourmet world itself.

Taking on the persona of Aeyon Lee, a famed beast tamer of the gourmet world, she currently seeks an unknown ingredient left by her sister, the goddess of space. The two sisters have a mutual dislike for each other and Aeyon is likely planning to make use of her sisters ingredients for her own gains. Though one can only guess what the nebulous goddess would do with an ingredient rivaling GOD in power.

As the goddess of time Aeyon's powers surpassed that of even Cho Śākyamuni, but leaving the divine plain greatly diminished her strength. However, the fact that she could still carve out a name for herself in the gourmet world is testament to her still fearsome power. As Aeyon lee, she commands some of the most fearsome and deadly beast in existence, and using her chronological powers as a goddess, she can manipulate her beasts into existence as any point, including times in which evolution and experience have made them unstoppable.

She has recently joined the Gourmet Gospel on the promise of Fontinegra helping her find her sisters ingredient. She believes it is lost somewhere in the future but needs the help of several strong people to get to it in her human form.

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