Vital statistics
Title Adad of Rock, Chef of Stone, Sibling of Earth
Gender Male
Race Sibling
Skills Stone-Cold Cooking
Abilities Earth Manipulation, Doru Petras
Full course Unknown
Affiliations The Siblings, City of the High Palace
Status Alive, in the (Gourmet World)
Partner None

Addem of Rock, also known as the Chef of Stone, is one of the Great Sibling of the City of the High Palace, and one of the personal chefs to the city's ruler, King of the High Palace.

A mysterious and silent boy by nature, Addem is the youngest but potentially the strongest of the great Siblings. Unlike his fellow brothers who serve their father and lord unending, Addem was created with no loyalty or programmed love towards the King of The High Palace. His brothers consider him a failure for this reason, yet the king himself says Addem was created for a higher purpose. And that when the great conflict in the Gourmet World comes to a head, it will be Addem himself who must be lead by his own thoughts and will.

Regardless of programming Addem is a great chef and the head desert maker for he City of the High Palace. Despite his serious and bland nature his sweets are ranked as the greatest in the gourmet world and are said to contain such a sweet, smooth and savory flavor that it could even put a smile on the dead's face. His combat skills are some of the best amongst his brothers with physical strength being his area of expertise. It is said the mountains and valleys surrounding the City of The high Palace were raised by Addem himself.

He is also ranked number 7 in IGO's special Gourmet World Chef rankings.

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